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EJ's HS reunion story...
1:48pm Tuesday, March 29, 2016

4:09pm Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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1:48PM TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 2016
EJ's HS reunion story...
I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine! I went to my HS reunion in NY...I won't tell you what year it was, because it's hard to believe!! I had the most wonderful time sharing old stories and catching up with new ones. But as you know, some things will NEVER change. They didn't call me Lucy back then for nothing!! I drove back yesterday with a smile on my face and memories to hold on to for another 10 years... (i think we'll be doing every 5 years... we're getting old!! lol) Anyway, I was a bit preoccupied with my fond thoughts of the night before that I MISSED my exit coming over the Delaware Mem Bridge!! The thing is, I didn't realize it until I saw the WHITE MARSH SIGN!!! I was supposed to bare left towards Philly/Wilmington, instead I went towards Baltimore. SO ,3 extra tolls and hour later I finally get to Bay Bridge, only to realize that I only had $1.50 left in my pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started to panic thinking that they weren't going to let me over the bridge. SO as I rolled up the toll booth, with tears streaming down my face, I told the kid (who couldn't have been more the 19 years old") and explained my dilemma. I got hysterical telling him that this has never happened before, and I' so humiliated, what should I do, blah, blah blah.. like a babbling idiot!! He tried to keep a straight face and explained that it's OK.. they'd just take my info and send a bill and so on. I looked at him with black mascara running down my face, pointed to my hair and said, " You see THIS is REAL BLONDE!!", thanked him and drove away... end of story. moral?... ALWAYS CARRY AN ExTRA FEW BUCKS HIDDEN SOMEWHERE! Lucy


from Jordan Ben-Hanania
2016-04-19 14:31:03

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In High School my nickname was Lucy..(imagine that!!) As far back as I can remember, I have always been a Calamity Jane! I could write a book, I think I'll call it "My Real Name is Lucy"... ecause you can't this stuff up! I've always been an animal lover...when I was 64 I brought home this giant Doberman, tied him to the back railing and gave him some water. He was FROTHING FROM THE MOUTH, I thought he was THIRSTY! They had to come and take him away...I was devestated, at 4 I had no idea what Rabies was. My instant bond with furry friends has continued into adulthood. I am currently on the Board at the Humane Society of Wicomico County. I adore children, although I do not have any, except my Husky Mix Shana!

I am a native New Yawka, so naturally, Broadway is in my blood. It was my first love, be on the stage. Although my dream was to be Broadway bound, I ended up doing "OFF BROADWAY' Touring for many years. ( Grease, Caberet, Funny Girl, How To Marry Miilionaire (that didn't work!!)and How to Succeed in Business!Being on the road is tough, so I opted to try the next BEST thing...RADIO! I studied Theater and Communications in College, so it was the right thing to do. I started a small AM station in Annapolis, MD. One day I received a call from a man who said that he was the President of United Stations in Baltimore. He stated that he was driving through town, and heard my voice.. the conversation went like this. "Hello EJ, this is the President of United Stations in Baltimore, how would you like to come and work for me?" I looked at the phone and ," Who is this?" Once again, he identified himself, and I replied, " No really, who is this?" After having trouble believing someone hadn't put this guy up to a prank..he said... " Well, I tell you what,call my secretary and set up an appointment if you are interested!! As it turns out, he WAS for real. I worked in Baltimore for many years, went to D.C. in the late 80's and eventually came to the Eastern Shore! I've been for here ten years and love it. I love the Shore, I love the lifestyle, and most importantly, I love the PEOPLE! Each day it is a pleasure to talk to you, and always so nice to see you when we do our live broadcasts. I feel as though we have become friends. That's what makes this area so special. Thank you for your support.


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