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I think it's time to update this little section...

Favorite Food: pizza, meat loaf, my mom's goulash.

Favorite movie line: "...I need a pig here! Ahhh, I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet..." (from Alice in Wonderland).

Favorite Sports Teams: Baltimore Orioles & Ravens, Philadelphia Phillies & Eagles...not much on basketball, and I have no clue about hockey!

Coolest Famous People I've Met: Trace Adkins, Ozzy Osbourne, Cal Ripken Jr.

Words of Wisdom: Any day ABOVE ground...is a GOOD day!

Hi, My name is Sarah P. Iím from Columbia, Maryland, but settled on Delmarva a few years ago. I love it here! Hereís a little about me:

  • I get ignored so much that my nickname should be Terms and Conditions.
  • Iíd rather eat chocolate than worry about a thigh gap.
  • I drink coffee for your protection.
  • Iím athletic. I surf the net.
  • I talk to my pet, like he understands what Iím saying.
  • I frequently burst out into song.


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