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Boston Fans Sing The National Anthem after the Marathon Tragedy
April 2013

Luke Bryan's National Anthem
He made sure he remembered the lyrics!

Rachel Holder - I Ain't Your Baby
Lie In-Studio June 28th, 2012

Rachel Holder - In Your Arms
Live In-Studio June 28th, 2012!

Jimmy Wayne dancing...
What do you think?

Tebow joins Brad Paisley on stage!
"I'm Still A Guy"

Dr. Pepper is the best thing that
ever happened to me!

Maho Beach
The planes are too close for me!

Glasses for Roosters
No more fighting!

He hadn't shaved since 9/11/01
Check him out now!

Pull your pants up..
and you might not drop the beer!

BRIAN Gets Waxed for St. Jude!
The Video:)

Dierks car burns!
Thanks, Charles from Lady Antebellum!

The American Redneck Society
Join the movement!

Magical Reindeer Gems
Get your poo here!

Brett Eldredge - Raymond
The Video - Bring a tissue!

Neiman Marcus
Fantasy Gifts 2010

City of Salisbury's Official Website
Find out the Slum Property of the Week!

Governor Markell's Blog

NASA - Wallop's Island
Info/Updates on the Launches

Dover International Speedway (the "Monster Mile")
You gotta check out the "Monster Mile" website...let's go racing!

Gotta keep on top of the latest news from NASCAR - and here's the place!


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