Business Information & Review: Jonathan Elijah Bowers SEO

Business Information & Review: Jonathan Elijah Bowers SEO aka

Is your company struggling to build credible, organic, and long-term sources of search engine traffic to better the foundation of your business’ pipeline? Internet marketing, digital real estate, and online advertising; all synonymous terms are parallel in the business world and can help your company succeed online with accurate, solid, and authoritative building blocks. The digital world revolves around trust, citation, and how many friends who will help your internet entity out with good reviews on large directories, social presences, and other forms of resource locations. We understand that many businesses owned by elderly folks; known as baby boomers, do not implement online advertising within their marketing budgets because of the reasons of fear towards misunderstanding the implications of online campaigns. This blog post is a wake up call for those who want to shift their focus and resources towards search engine optimization like Fort Worth, Texas consultant Jonathan Elijah Bowers with The article will cover his strategies towards success, steps you can take he recommended us to tell you how you can better your brick and mortar business dominate search engines and helpful reviews from business owners like you.

No-Bullshit Organic SEO:

We get it. Google cracks down on spam websites as reviewed and discussed by Search Engine Journal post in December of 2022. The company implemented what they call ‘Spambrain’, an algorithm stacked on top of 2016’s Penguin update to ‘neutralize’ spam links, locations where links are identified as purchased, and irrelevant sources of traffic. Jonathan Bowers SEO is a consultancy that revolves around healthy, relevant, and positive links that better organic traffic for businesses and brands. In other words, whenever you work with Mr. Bowers expect a no-bullshit organic search engine optimization strategy based approach to dominate search engines like Google and DuckDuckGo. Better links call for natural, popular, and trusted sources of information with congruent resources that help others discover answers to problems.

Other search engine optimization agencies cost you an arm and a leg for subpar results that do not provide #1 rankings for potential convertible keywords. provides the highest return on investment with the lowest overhead because his strategies are based around principles of frugality or by doing more with less. Because he cares about his client’s success we acknowledge his practices as morally sound plus economically viable for online business marketing skeptics. We believe Jonathan is one of the most intelligent, strategic, and empathic internet marketers in the game today. If you want to learn more about how digital marketing can benefit your brand’s source of traffic then click the link above to fill out his discovery form, to receive a complimentary SEO analysis, and take your business to the next level.

Actionable Steps You Can Take Today to Better Your Brand:

Provide Relevant content

According to Michigan Tech University at one of the best methods to success online with search engine marketing is providing relevant, authoritative content on the web. This means if you own a local jewellery store in Chicago then your content on your blog would pertain information about cleaning techniques with gold, tips and tricks regarding silver preservation, and helpful advice within your niche. We highly recommend you as a brand owner to utilize blogging to better improve trust with your customer base.

Social media marketing

It’s no joke that social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook reach younger demographics. Take a look at the study provided by The Power MBA in 2020 study towards social media reach. Roughly 4.2 billion social media accounts exist on the world wide web. Nearly half of the human population in terms of accounts are active on the internet. These numbers are amazing to understand because they are expected to increase as artificial intelligence develops in the future. If you want to reach your audience with a cost-friendly approach you can develop today then we recommend creating a Twitter or Instagram then post to it with relevant content.

Not sure what to post? Visit to discover your brand’s authority on the world wide web. Locate presences you do not own and monopolize them before someone else does!

Real-time Reviews from Fort Worth, TX Business Owners:

Are you a skeptic towards search engine optimization practices? Maybe you did business with a supposed trusted marketing agency that did not provide you the results you hoped for. Fear not, for Jonathan Bowers SEO has testimonials that back up his success…Read more here:

Business Information & Review: Jonathan Elijah Bowers SEO
  • So Glad to have Found Jon Bowers - David's Review
  • Jonny helped my business boom! - Angelica's Review

Business Information & Review: Jonathan Elijah Bowers SEO

David from Austin, TX says about Jonathan Bowers SEO:

Man…I wish we would have discovered years ago. Our construction company based in downtown Austin received a low amount of traffic because we chose to work with a big wig marketing agency that costed us hundreds of thousands of dollars. My wife helped me make the change and researched other affordable, trust-worthy sources of strategic marketing.

We found Jonathan Bowers in Fort Worth so we gave him a call. After filling out his discovery form he sent our accountant an analysis video of a step-by-step action plan to successfully overtake a specific neighborhood and zip codes we wanted to rank #1 for on Google. We met with Mr. Bowers and by the ways he is one smart heck of a dude. He laid out the prices and time frame it took for success so we set up a letter of agreement with him. Within 7 months we now organically rank #1 for large, rich neighborhoods in Austin, TX thanks to Jonathan Bowers with We recommend him for all of your marketing needs. There is literally no need for other sources of marketing because our online advertising far exceeds our expectations for profit. Thank you, Jon!!

Here’s what Angelica from Fort Worth, TX wrote about Jonathan Bowers:

“Jonny is one of the most adorable, smartest, and introverted wizards with marketing. My make up brand needed online traffic to get more customers so I called Jonathan on Snapchat to figure out what he could do for me. He led me to his discovery form because he did not provide prices without first dissecting my current website. And what a mess my current website was! Turns out WordPress is the best content management system so Jon helped me build a new website from scratch and now I have pride with my current blog.”

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